Expert Localize is an Arabic translation agency that provides a broad range of Arabic translation services to fulfill the needs of different sectors and enterprises. Our native Arabic translators engage in a broad spectrum of sectors, delivering reliable and customized translations that match your unique needs. Here are some key sectors we specialize in.




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Translation is critical in various industries, such as medical translation any error can have serious consequences for patient safety. Medical & healthcare translation services can give you access to medical research, enhance patient and healthcare provider communication, and guarantee the safety of patients.

Arabic Legal Translation is a complex and technical sector that requires expert native translators to ensure legal document translations are accurate and clear for the target audience and everyone has a fair trial and their rights are protected.

In other sectors such as business and marketing translation is a main step in your marketing plan to improve communication and build relationships with your international partners if you aim to reach a wider audience and increase your sales.

Professional Translation and Localization Services

Ensure your content is accurate and culturally appropriate with our translation services.