We offer a wide range of Arabic translation services to meet your needs. Our team of experienced translators are native Arabic speakers. We also offer a free consultation to discuss your project and get you a Quote.

Document Translation

From English to Arabic and vice versa Expert Localize provides document translation services. Our team utilizes best-of-breed Translation Memory and Translation Portal technologies.


Expert Localize Editing service involves executing changes; these changes can be correcting sentence structure, fixing grammar mistakes, or rewriting paragraphs.


At Expert Localize, proofreading is the last step taken before a translation is delivered, to check your document is free of any kind of formatting, typographical, or grammatical errors.

Website Localization

Website localization services are necessary for companies that want to expand their market by adapting their content to a local audience. Expert Localize creates culturally relevant content

Software Localization

Expert Localize provides software localization from English into Arabic and vice versa that helps to adapt product for different markets to a different cultural context.

App Localization

Tailoring your app’s interface to meet varying cultural and language expectations is a must. Users want to feel that the apps they download are created natively for them.


Your voice amplified: Modern Standard Arabic or vibrant dialects like Egyptian, Gulf, or Levantine—we have the perfect voice talent to match your project's tone and emotional journey.

Audio/ Video Transcription

We bridge the gap between spoken words and written records, meticulously crafting plain text documents with accurate timestamps for easy reference.

Desktop Publishing

Expert Localize combines a professional translator's expertise with desktop publishing professionals' skills. We provide DTP services for individuals and businesses.

Legal Translation

We provide top-quality specialized legal translation covering contracts, litigation and arbitration documents, SoCs, SoDs, and a variety of legal certificates, among others.

Professional Translation and Localization Services

Ensure your content is accurate and culturally appropriate with our translation services.