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document translation

Professional English to Arabic Translation Services by Experts You Can Trust

At Expert Localize, we are dedicated to providing accurate and reliable English to Arabic and Arabic to English translation, to businesses and individuals worldwide.
Drawing on vast experience and strong academic qualifications, our translators, who are Arabic native speakers, have subject matter expertise in various industries. When it comes to document translation services, our areas of expertise include legal contracts, certificates, technical manuals, medical records, medical translation services for healthcare providers, marketing materials, academic papers, financial translation services for businesses and banks, customer questionnaires and more.
We make sure to use resources who are familiar with industry-specific terminology and have a deep understanding of the nuances of the Arabic language.
We use the latest translation tools and technology to ensure consistency and accuracy across all translations. Additionally, we have a rigorous quality assurance process that includes editing and proofreading by a second translator.
All translations we produce MUST go through a two-step process at least, to make sure they are examined by a second eye before handing off to the client.


We Enhance Your Documents To Enhance Your Business.

Editing is a crucial step in the translation process as it aims to make modifications such as rectifying sentence structure, addressing grammatical errors, or rewording entire paragraphs to elevate the overall caliber of the translated output. We always have in mind that our main objective for an editing project is to improve the language and expression used in the content to meet the client’s expectations. The editing process we employ for translations into Arabic and into English language involves reviewing and refining the translated document to ensure that it accurately conveys the intended meaning and maintains the appropriate cultural nuances and linguistic conventions.

editing service

At Expert Localize, our editing process involves:

Identifying and correcting mistakes and errors that the translators may have committed in the flow of translation

Ensuring that the translated text is true to the source and that no changes in meaning have been introduced; spotting errors in terminology or word usage

checking that the translated content flows naturally and appropriately in the target language.


Let Our Experts Help You Perfect Your Writing and Polish Your Words.

Proofreading is the last step in the translation process that helps fix errors related to grammar usage, spelling mistakes, punctuation issues as well as formatting glitches.
Our team of Arabic translators are high-quality proofreaders enjoying 14 years of experience in proofreading a variety of documents across different industries and niches.
We have been working closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and preferences, and we use this information to create custom proofreading plans that are tailored to their unique requirements and to help improve the overall quality.
Since we know that proofreading is most probably the last step in the process, we pay great attention to the proofreading step to make sure our translation produced is of high-quality, accurate, consistent, and error-free.

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