Our Workflow: Efficiency and Accuracy Unleashed

Our Arabic expertise shines through a meticulous workflow. Each project embarks on a custom translation journey, tailored to its unique needs. While variations occur, some common steps guide this voyage, ensuring flawless results:

step one

Skim the content to be translated

Confidently embarking on the translation journey, we first perform a quick scan to confirm the content aligns with our expertise, efficiently grasping the document's essence.

step 2

Communicate my acceptance to the client

Open communication is key. We respond swiftly to client offers, ideally within 24 hours, clearly confirming acceptance through open communication.

step 3

Scan the content for terminology

Accuracy reigns supreme. Upfront, we meticulously build a comprehensive glossary, pinpointing and defining crucial terms for translators and reviewers to confidently navigate subject matter intricacies.

step four
Translate the content and record any queries to check with the client

Expert translation takes root. We masterfully render content, then meticulously sculpt the language to resonate with target audiences, ensuring culturally-aware messaging that transcends literal boundaries.

our workflow step 5
Review the source against the target

No detail escapes us. Following translation, we rigorously compare side-by-side, prioritizing accuracy, completeness, fluency, and consistency, for a perfect final product.

step six

Proofread the target text

The meticulous translation is complete; fresh expert eyes meticulously proofread for grammar, spelling, tone, and style, ensuring a seamless reflection of the original.

step seven

Communicate with the client regarding any queries

Open communication thrives. We promptly address client inquiries and requests throughout the project, ensuring informed participation and satisfaction.

step 8

Doing a final check and finalizing the translation

Upon translation completion, a meticulous final review commences, scrutinizing every word and punctuation mark to ensure the correction of any residual grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or inconsistencies in punctuation before client delivery.

step 9
Submit the translation to the client

Upon finalization, we diligently adhere to client format specifications, meticulously converting the translation to Word, PDF, or any other requested format, ensuring seamless submission and accessibility.

step 10
Implement client’s feedback, if any

Post-delivery engagement is key. We actively solicit client feedback to optimize future translations and maintain ongoing alignment with their requirements.

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